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Welcome to the home of KM Paintings, Kat is not only an artist but a graphic designer as well. Hope you enjoy her artwork and don't be shy to say hello through her contact page. 

If you would like to know what Kat is up to on a daily basis, follow her instagram @kmpaintings (that's where she hangs out). 

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Kat has always been an artist, she could not get enough of her connector pens, water colours and gel pens as a child. As she grew so did the collection of art materials. 

Growing up by the sea, Kat has always had a curiosity for what lies beneath the big blue, it is what inspires her colourful paintings. She loves to depict sea life by creating her own patterns and abstract shapes, intuitively

Art at the 



-Freelancing (graphic design/ Illustration)


- Analogue Academy

- Rachinger Gallery (Eastern Hub Geelong)

- Creative Geelong (Centrepoint Arcade)

- Little Creatures


- Qv Building (art displayed permanently Qv Dental, Qv Physio)

- Loch Sport Art Gallery


- Sandringham Pop up Gallery (first solo show, self curated)

- Raw Artist Group Exhibition 

- Torquay Night Jar Market 

Sound on!


Kat has been busy the last twelve months, completing her graphic design course. Currently freelancing, Kat is looking for full time work in the Geelong/Surf Coast Area. If you know a great team looking for a fresh designer, hola! 

Graphic design



Portfolio available soon... 

Thank you for


Lets talk! 

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